Carcinolyt in Cancer Treatment

INOVA is working on the development of cytostatic agents on the basis of diverse but nevertheless similar principles of effect whereby only the tumor cells die – not the healthy cells. With two of these three products, patients deemed as hopeless cases have already been remedied including a metastasizing melanoma (patient now living for 4 years in good health) and a case of an ovary carcinoma which had already spread into rectum and bladder such that the patient after treatment is now completely free of cancer and was able to take up mountain trekking tours again! We expect that these new products, as highly effective substances without the usual side effects of cytostatic agents, for example, extreme nausea, will enjoy above average success.

Under the framework of a controlled research study we place Carcinolyt C free of charge to seriously ill cancer or tumor patients who have previously been treated with the usual therapy methods without good results and who are regarded as hopeless cases.  This treatment is carried out in collaboration with the previous managing physicians and oncologists.

Product Information:

We can place Carcinolyt C at the disposal of cancer patients free of charge under the framework of a controlled research study, those patients who have previously not been sufficiently aided by conventional therapy methods.

For this we require accurate data in each case.  With Carcinolyt C a seriously ill patient has already been cured without the occurrence of nausea associated with treatment.

Carcinolyt A was first used successfully against infiltrating metastases. Because of the high costs involved, as for Carconolyt B, the further development will carried out later.  Carcinolyt B acts specifically on cancer cells but not on healthy cells, as shown by a university institute.  Also in the case of leukemia, only the diseased cells and not the healthy cells were attacked.

Therapy costs with Carcinolyt are substantially lower than for previous cytostatic agents.

Effectiveness and Cost Benefits:

Carcinolyt is effective through inhibiting the respiratory chain in the cell mitochondria. This represents the central mechanism of cancer arrest and destruction because malign tumor cells have increased metabolic activity and thus react considerably more sensitively than healthy cells.

Our substantially lower costs for 2 out of 3 cytostatic agents have considerable advantage in sales & marketing. For example, from the cheapest supplier, Lynparza 50mg hard capsules from Astra Zeneca GmbH cost € 6,730.08 for 4×112. The annual treatments costs per patient for Olaparib are €106,230.97.  We are definitely able to undercut such enormously high costs.