Antibiotic XX1

Our worldwide unrivalled antibiotic has already been successfully tried out by many patients. It is supplied in easy-to-swallow capsule form, packed in blister packs and has a long life. The life-threatening MRSA bacteria are also not resistant to XX1. Many patients have very successful test results with the previous product which has similar properties. The easily remembered name will be made known when the product is launched on the market. This antibiotic is the original reason for the founding of the company PVG INOVA Pharma &Technik GmbH.

The product comes onto the market after the completion of all tests on this preparation in an especially pure form and in compliance with the relevant approvals.

Product Information:

View of the easy-to-swallow XX1 capsules to be taken 3 x 2 daily and characterized by a particularly long life and trope stability.

On account of the substantial costs involved in acquiring approval for worldwide sales, we are still raising capital. This is a new product with a unique selling proposition and without competition such that we are expecting enormous annual turnover all over the world. Sales & marketing in central Europe will be undertaken by INOVA. Sales in other countries of the world will be contracted to major local pharmaceutical companies which will take over the difficult to manufacture product from INOVA and offer it in their respective countries.

Our antibiotic is a novel one Quinoline Chinaldiin combination.

Manufacturer and Quality Management:

The quality assurance of the capsule manufacture, the total galenic formulations and quality supervision are guaranteed by our partner for the final manufacture of our products, Catalent Germany in 69412 Eberbach and 73614 Schorndorf. The Catalent company is a German-American corporation operating at international level and listed on the American Stock Exchange under the name Catalent Pharma Solutions. With more than 7000 products it generates an annual turnover of over 1.8 billion US dollars. Every year they produce more than 70 billion individual packs of medicinal products. Catalent has more than 1000 company customers and works in collaboration with 48 of the top 50 pharma companies.

Undertaken in particular by Dr. Heiko Schuster.  All manufacturing stages are subject to the controls prescribed by law.