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PVG INOVA Pharma und Technik GmbH & Co. KG

The pharma start-up company was founded in 2017 with the backing of highly qualified specialists and on the basis of its unrivalled medications, is expected to develop well above average. We are assuming that the value of capital invested will increase tenfold as soon as one of our worldwide unique star products is introduced onto the market.  These include our unrivalled antibiotic, our anti-cancer agent and our new migraine remedy which for the first time does not make the patient tired or dizzy as is the case with other strong medications. The economic benefit of this agent is certainly regarded in billions of euros, because former production losses as a result of absence on the grounds of migraine no longer occur.

Our Strategy:


a) Equity capital
b) Investment capital
c) capital acquired with the first products and with licenses

As far as possible, production shall be in Germany, primarily in Bavaria, Württemberg and Hesse, and thus ensuring guaranteed high quality.

Developments and inventions:

In addition to our own development projects we also of course take into account and evaluate other international developments and inventions. See our range of products. As well as pharmaceutical products we also offer a number of technical innovations e.g. a previously unknown electrical therapy device as an addition to our product range.


In central European territories we undertake sales ourselves. Otherwise in other European regions and worldwide we shall agree on sales rights in the respective countries with local well-established and successful companies for our preparations. Local companies with a strong market position are better suited. In this way we hold the competition at bay.

Our products comprise two groups:

a) New and unique products with extremely high sales margins with no market competition. Disadvantage: long certification times of 2 to 5 years.

b) Supplementary products which ensure immediate income. These include our herbal lozenges, generic products and nutritional supplements together with our INOVA LONGLIFE.

Provisionally Planned
Capital Investment:

The planned overall capital of € 40,000,000 is to be utilized step by step in accordance with the progress of the individual approvals.

Risks of Investment

1. Quality Risk

We regard the “Quality Risk” as an absolute minimum because we work in collaboration only with highly qualified companies and consultants.  Production of our medications is to a great extent carried out by Catalent. Assurance for the manufacture of our products, the galenic formulations and quality controls are all guaranteed by Catalent, our partner in the manufacture of our products. Catalent Germany is located in 69412 Eberbach and 73614 Schorndorf as well as in Somerset, New Jersey, USA. This international German-American company is listed on the American Stock Exchange under the name Catalent Pharma Solutions. With more than 7,000 products it generates turnover of more than 1.8 billion US dollars. Every year the company produces over 70 billion packs of medical preparations. Catalent has over 1,000 company customers and works with 48 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies. For this reason we can state quite confidently that the quality of our products achieves the highest level. Risks are minimized to a far-reaching extent.

2. Capital Risk

In the considered opinion of the executive management, the capital risk is also minimal as there is constant control of the capital investment through supervision and bookkeeping of AWI Treuhand.

The seriousness and integrity of the company financial management is also provided by supervision of AWI Treuhand under the management of the renowned auditor and tax consultant Markus Stötter in companies with turnover in billions.  There is constant monitoring by AWI, Mr. Markus Stötter and his team of experienced accountants and legal personnel. AWI-Treuhand is listed by the journal “Focus Money” under the 100 top specialist auditing companies. It continually controls the correct use of monies invested and ensures that salaries and expenditure always remain within the normal range. All financial transactions, controls and the supervision of work with the revenue authorities for PVG INOVA GmbH Pharma & Technik GmbH & Co. KG are examined and supervised by AWI Treuhand under Mr. Markus Stötter.

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3. Product Risk

Every new product is a risk. This involves the compatibility and other unexpected disorders for the medication or nutritional supplement. This danger is very small because all the products of PVG INOVA have disclosed no signs of disorders or cases of incompatibility in the treatments already carried out with prototypes under medical supervision. Should, contrary to expectations, there be any impairments to one or more medications or total  failure occurs, the risk for the company is nevertheless not very great because each of the remaining medicinal products still has so much potential that  the capital invested is extremely highly safeguarded and there are still significant profit prospects. A further risk is competition by other companies. We regard this risk as very low because all our products are extremely difficult to reproduce, they are unique and have good memorable names which gives them a further advantage. Even if imitations were to appear after about 10 years, our products will still generate profits.

We are obliged by law to declare that the capital invested is so-called “risk capital” as is the case of all new products. This means that there could be losses on capital invested or in fact, there could even be a total loss. We have explained above the reasons that we consider this to be extremely improbable. We have also described the factors which enable the risk to be kept to a minimum. The catchy names which we will subsequently introduce will also encourage the medical fraternity to stay with the proven products.  In the case of the later price loss of a product by imitators, this can be compensated by the other products and by new developments.