All about us


PVG INOVA came into being on the basis of the wide-ranging medicinal and pharmaceutical knowledge of Dr. H. Weiss, internist and entrepreneur. His knowledge and ideas led to contacts and developments within an international network of highly specialized experts in the fields of pharmaceutical production and certification. Concepts, ideas and developments for unrivalled new products were thus able to advance. PVG INOVA was subsequently founded in 2017 with the support of highly qualified specialists as a Pharma Startup Enterprise with well above average expectations for development. The first basic idea was to bring the new antibiotic onto the market. Other products were soon to follow which can also expect substantial advancement free of all competition.

Our Business Philosophy:

We do not wish to be pushed into the corner of mass production by major conglomerates or the concept of cheap production in low cost countries as a means of avoiding taxes, and so we have concentrated on unique new inventions. These however, need a long-term pre-development time until they receive certificates of approval and meanwhile we begin with the production of medicinal nutrients and nutritional supplements. One example for this is our PULMAT, which can also be regarded as an unrivalled, effective and quick-acting remedy in cases of coughing, dry coughs, sore throats and nasal congestion. The margin is sufficient to enable it to contribute to the development of other products. Another of such products in this range is the nutritional supplement INOVA Longlife. This product contains all substances for which scientific results show life-prolonging, health-maintaining effects. It is necessary to take the product on a daily basis and this can lead to significant sales for the respective company. All our products are sold exclusively in pharmacies where we also assume significant interest on the part of the pharmacist in that patients are extremely grateful for quick and effective help when suffering coughs.

Our Strategy:


a) To a great extent we work with own capital  and we do not undertake risk finance
b) Investor Capital
c) Money earned

Production is carried out for the most part in Germany, predominantly in Bavaria, Württemberg and Hesse, and high quality is thus guaranteed. We are also one of the few companies who still pay tax in Germany.

Developments and Inventions:

Apart from our own developments we also take every opportunity to take other international developments and innovations into account. As well as pharmaceutical products we are also working on other technical developments such as e.g. a previously unknown electric therapy appliance as an extra offer in our product range.


We are personally responsible for sales only in Central European territories. In other European areas or also in the rest of the world we will have collaboration and agreements on sales with well-established local companies in various countries in respect of our produced preparations. Local companies with strong market presence can do this better than we can. In this way we also keep competitors at a distance.

Our products comprise two groups:

a) The new, unrivalled products with an extremely high sales margin as shown to be unique on the market. Disadvantage: Long approval procedures lasting from 2 to 5 years.

b) Supplementary products which ensure early income. These also include our herbal lozenges, generic products and nutritional supplements.