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The start-up pharmaceutical company founded in 2017 with the support of highly qualified specialists has development expectations well above average through its unrivalled, new and innovative range of products.

 Since October 2017, PULMAT, an excellent cough medicine, is available in almost all German pharmacies supplied by Alliance Healthcare, GEHE or Sanacorp, or by PVG PULMAT GmbH & Co. KG directly, if not available from their own wholesaler.

This is possible by telephone +49 (0)821 – 297 357 26, +49 (0)172 – 246 2009, per Fax +49 (0)821 – 91984 or per email: info@pvg-inova.de


Everyone who has tried PULMAT is amazed at the acute effect.

Whereas in general, cough syrups contain only 1 to 3 medicinal herbs, PULMAT has 21 medicinal herbs in unique galenic formula with catalyzer (business secret). Cough mixtures spread healing substances evenly through the gastrointestinal tract over the whole body such that active substances only partially reach the localized ailment. PULMAT is the only product worldwide that has a direct and highly concentrated effect at the place of the ailment such as e.g. bronchia, nose, sinuses and in the mouth & throat region.

PULMAT is classified under the category Natural Remedies and is not a medication. For this reason we are not allowed to make a promise of healing. BUT the effect of PULMAT is convincing, as many doctors and patients can confirm. If we wished to have PULMAT approved as a medication then every plant would have to be broken down into several hundred chemical substances and tested as pure substance. This would involve hundreds of millions of euros such that a packet of PULMAT would cost well over € 100, which no one can afford to pay. At the same time thousands of specified tests on animals have been spared.

However, we may report on illnesses where more and more doctors have prescribed PULMAT with successful results: These include coughing, dry coughs, smokers’ cough, congested nose, sinusitis, influenza infections and sore throats. At Expopharm in Frankfurt, the biggest international Trade Fair for the Pharmacy Market, a Professor explained in an extensive presentation that some medicinal herbs as also found in PULMAT have antibacterial properties which are effective even where antibiotics have failed on account of resistance. For this reason many doctors recommend PULMAT in cases of influenza viral infections in order to avoid secondary infection with bacteria.

PULMAT is extremely valuable for public speakers and singers, when the voice is strained or in cases of common cold. In most cases, with PULMAT  loss of voice disorders were remedied within 30 minutes.

Many people love PULMAT prescribed more and more often by doctors for coughing, dry coughs, hoarseness and sore throats
The healing power of nature is pure plant-based and without any chemical additives such as artificial sweeteners.

In other words, it is the first cough syrup lozenge in the world.

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Pulmat Verpackung klein


We recommend PULMAT for coughs, hoarseness, sore throats, bronchitis and in cases of sinusitis and nasal congestion.  Read more…

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